The secret pouch


When we visit a foreign country, where we take public transportation and carry important things like passport or money, it is important to store them in a place difficult to access for a pickpocket or a thief on the street.

The «secret pouch» is the first thing I take when I am planning to go on a trip. This is where I will store all my papers, bank and credit cards, money, jewelery, transport tickets and passport.

I wear it directly on the skin, in my pants or under my skirt. If I need something, I go to the bathroom to take out the desired object and I go back later for storage. If you open it publicly, – following what place / country – a thief can see you and attack you then to steal it. This is of course not useful for the money and the credit card you use regularly. This pouch is rather like a safe…

If worn on clothing, slide the belt in the loops of your pants to add security if a thief cut the belt to steal the pouch. The clasp is stuck and it will be less likely to rob you.

You can buy it in shops for travelers or in supermarkets in the baggage area .

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