The Globetrotter

Dominique Jeanneret
Therapeutic practicioner,
Events and travels organizer and promotor,
Blogger and globetrotter.

Lovingly conceived in Switzerland, where my family is from (so am I 😉 ), I’ve been flying for the first time, snuggled in mom’s womb, before birthing a few months later in Liberia, Africa.

Dad was an ethnologist and mom was a nurse. They previously had lived and worked for two years in Kabul (Afghanistan). They were then transferred to the African continent where dad hoped to research and discover the history of the way of life of this country.

Back in Switzerland at the age of four months old, sick with malaria and amoebiasis, I finally healed and grew wisely and eager to learn…

The first time I took the bus alone, I was 11 years old. I went from Neuchatel, Switzerland, to Frejus in the south of France for a two weeks holiday with my uncle and aunt. A long one day trip, alone for the first time on such a long journey. That trip make me become self-aware and experienced about the meaning of what freedom means along with suddenly becoming autonomous.

I made another big trip, alone, at the age of 16, spending two months in England as an «au pair girl».

I got hooked on traveling in 1981 and I went to the USA with my boyfriend. I celebrated my 19th birthday watching a rodeo in Colorado Springs, the city of the famous Dr. Quinn of the turn of the century 1900.

In 1982, I rejoin with my boyfriend in Sri Lanka where I celebrate my 20th birthday at Kandy Perahera festival. I then spent three months in Sri Lanka and India by the westcoast to Kashmir, then Amritsar in Punjab, tour around Rajasthan, visit Agra and came back home.

I lost 15 kgs during this trip because a parasite decided to elect residence in my liver, after drinking a refreshing fruit juice (with ice) in Madurai, two weeks after my arrival on this continent.

After my return to Switzerland, my dream was to go back to live in India. Life brought me to visit Quebec in 1985, where I finally immigrated in July 1986. I came back to India in December 2016.

A combination of circumstances led me, in 2000, to work as a communications director for a firm in Wendake, one of the native reserves in Quebec province. In 2003, I was settling there as a tenant and still live here.

After many years passed, the hook on traveling has resurfaced for the last two years. So I decided to implement a project that will allow me to combine several of my passions: traveling, writing, photography, video, meetings and discovering new cultures and backgrounds, along with sharing my discoveries via this blog!

I create and manage websites since 1997 and write blogs since 2005. I am also accompanying people through a therapeutic approach, namely psycho-body integration, energy work and psycho- spirituality.

I also work as an events organizer in personal development for various therapists in Quebec and Europe since more than 10 years.

Since 2014, I live 6 months in Quebec and, in winter, 2 months in Europe and 4 months in India and Sri Lanka.

I wish that my sharings will allow you to discover places, cultures, colors and flavors that will make you dream and let you want to travel.

With love,

Dominique Jeanneret
Wendake, Quebec, Canada

To contact me :
Email : bonjourdo @

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